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TigerEye’s business simulation engine helps make better strategic decisions, faster. Powerfully simple tools guide strategic planning, operations and execution. 

A Letter from our Founders

We spent a decade building productivity software for the construction industry. We fought for every dollar on our path to $100 million in ARR. And we could have grown faster and more efficiently if it hadn’t taken us 10 years to learn business. TigerEye is the product that would have helped us understand early warning signals, adapt and accelerate growth.

As founders and operators, we know firsthand the challenges of planning. By the time we left PlanGrid in 2020, we were still managing hundreds of millions of dollars across 20+ outdated, error-prone spreadsheets. This problem was so painful that every cell in our bodies needed to solve it. Our mission at TigerEye is simple: help companies with the best products win through strategic planning and predictable growth. 

AI-powered simulation used in other industries can eliminate manual number wrangling and shorten the entire planning cycle. AI can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately to predict future outcomes. For example, a plan that used to take three months to create can now be done in minutes, allowing companies to “test drive” any number of scenarios they wish and choose the most ambitious and achievable one.  

This approach mirrors both the construction principle of “measure twice, cut once” and QA/QC in software and manufacturing, yet such an equivalent in business planning was non-existent. Companies invest months in plans that become outdated as soon as they're made. TigerEye changes all of this. 

TigerEye was developed using technology that has only become available in the past few years. Our architecture and tech stack is time-aware and was built from the ground up for time-oriented AI operations. We have assembled an expert team with deep knowledge in AI, mobile development, sales, marketing and finance. Together we are building tools to help great companies and teams grow. 

In an ever-changing world, leaders bear the responsibility of integrating resilience and adaptability into their businesses. TigerEye is essential for today's companies, and we are deeply proud to be the builders of this strategic planning platform.

Our Core Values


Life is hard even for the most fortunate of us. The best we can do is to be wholehearted in everything we do.


We are all excellent at something, and amateurs at most things. There is no room for ego and arrogance.


Japanese philosophy for “continuous improvement.” We improve everyday in product, culture, and in ourselves.


Trust is everything. Trust in each other. Do everything we can to protect the trust that has been given to us.


We strive for Simplicity in our product, processes and the way we organize as a team.

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