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We are a fully remote team building the future of Go-To-Market planning and execution. Our team is solving some of today’s toughest challenges in AI, Machine Learning and Infrastructure. 

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experienced leaders

2nd-time founders building a generational company

Prior to TigerEye, Tracy and Ralph built and led PlanGrid. They know firsthand how hard it is to create a company.

Tracy and Ralph are building software that they wished they had when building PlanGrid, to help companies make better strategic decisions. They’re pouring their learnings into how we’re building our product, and how we’re building our team, to do it even better the second time around.

remote-first culture

Building a modern company for a wholehearted team

‍We built TigerEye as a remote-first company from day one. We believe doing our best work comes from being wholehearted in all that we do — at work and in our personal lives. Being remote-first also removes geography as a limiting factor for building and retaining the best team.

We also believe there is nothing that replaces time spent in person. To enable that, we do meet-ups throughout the year to share meals together, deepen our relationships and make all of the calls, messages and video calls in between a lot richer. 

1% pledge

Building on a cornerstone of giving back

By joining Pledge 1%, we have pledged 1% of our equity, and 1% of our time to support nonprofits. From volunteering at food banks to teaching kids how to build robots, giving back to our communities in a way that resonates with our values is core to who we are. 

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