This Week in GTM - 4/26/24

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Kristina Milian
April 26, 2024
Apr 26, 2024
This Week in GTM - 4/26/24

‘Cesspool of AI crap’ or slam-dunk success: LinkedIn’s AI-powered Collaborative Articles offer a sobering peek at the future of content

LinkedIn's new collaborative articles feature has received…. passionate reactions. Despite over 10 million contributions and a 270% increase in readership, the use of AI-generated content has sparked concerns about the quality and authenticity of the information. This initiative is part of LinkedIn's AI strategy, aiming to leverage user expertise, but it risks information quality due to AI-to-AI feedback loops.

Prioritize an effective sales strategy
Even the best products can fail without an effective sales strategy. For founders, focusing solely on product development seems effective initially, but does not scale. Sales, marketing, and distribution are equally crucial. Sales-focused founders ensure the longevity of the business. And, as our CEO told SaaStr, at least one of the founders needs to get good at sales. 

CMOs are better poised to be CROs

We enjoyed this post by SVP of Marketing at TrustRadius. Lines are blurry these days and opportunities for growth are all around. The post emphasizes the essential qualities of CMOs for driving effective revenue and business success, including their understanding of the customer journey, data-driven approach, collaboration skills, accountability for revenue growth, market awareness and customer-centric mindset.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston wants you to embrace AI and remote work

“Now people voted with their feet. They value flexibility more than in-office snacks. [...] Forcing people back into the office is like forcing people back to movie theaters… maybe it works for Top Gun… once… but the world has moved on.” - Drew Houston

Say it louder for the corner office — to attract talented employees we must remove the old-school belief that good work can only be done in an expensive office.

To post or not to post
It’s Friday, let’s end the week with a little laugh.

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Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian, with over fifteen years in communications, currently serves as the vice president of communications at TigerEye. She has a rich background in strategy and press relations, previously contributing significantly to Meta's VR platform communications and managing crisis and artificial intelligence communications at Salesforce.