This Week in GTM [Friday, June 14, 2024]

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Kristina Milian
June 14, 2024
Jun 14, 2024
This Week in GTM [Friday, June 14, 2024]

Your right to repair AI systems
Dr. Rumman Chowdhury delivered a TED talk on the importance of having the right to repair the AI systems that affect our lives. Dr. Chowdhury: “It seems like a strange concept but it’s entirely feasible. We’ve become accustomed to centralized sources of power imposing technological “progress” upon us in ways we didn’t ask for. But this doesn’t have to be the future we live in. This isn’t just a nice to have, this is an imperative. People feel like an afterthought. And they will reject these systems unless things change.” Take a listen.

What it will take to win 
Gokul Rajaram penned a LinkedIn post focused on what it will take to win. As Gokul summarized: “TL;DR: CEOs - If your company launches one innovative product and you think you’re “good”, you’re likely not going to win the category. Be ready to have the resilience, stamina and capital to run a marathon comprising 5+ sprints, each over 1-2 years, before you can even think about winning your category.”

Wondering what kind of lessons CEOs learned from the pandemic? Here’s their top 6.
Curious about the lessons CEOs learned from the pandemic? Anna Oakes discussed the top ones. Our favorite – your workforce is your most important resource. 

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Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

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