How TigerEye Uses Slack for Effective Communication as a Fully Remote Team

Kristina Milian
June 12, 2024
Jun 13, 2024
How TigerEye Uses Slack for Effective Communication as a Fully Remote Team

At TigerEye, Slack is crucial for our communication, especially as a fully remote company led by Tracy Young and Ralph Gootee. It helps us talk to customers and vendors quickly and directly, share updates, answer questions, and start Huddles to keep our communication lines open.

Here are some tips on how we get the most out of Slack:

  1. Stay present: Since we use Slack for real-time communications, we delete messages after a short period of time. This reflects TigerEye's fast-paced, privacy-focused environment, valuing quick decisions and trust, and encourages direct, real-time interactions.
  2. Speaking of privacy: We opted out of having our data used to train Slack’s global models so that all data associated with our workspace will only be used to improve our own experience. It was super easy to do, and something for customers to consider. From Slack’s blog: To opt out, please have your Org or Workspace Owners or Primary Owner contact our Customer Experience team at with your Workspace/Org URL and the subject line “Slack Global model opt-out request.” We will process your request and respond once the opt out has been completed.
  3. Customer success: Our sales and operations leaders set up Slack channels with our customers to stay fully available for quick technical support and efficient handling of product requests. This setup ensures a real-time feedback loop, seamless meeting scheduling, and swift messaging, all essential to our sales strategy and helping our remote team collaborate effectively.
  4. Cadence: We post when necessary to avoid message overload. For lengthy discussions, we switch to a quick phone call or Huddle to make decisions faster. If you find you’re writing more than 1-2 sentences on Slack, picking up the phone is the best way to handle any situation. 
  5. Channels: We keep Slack channels to a minimum to avoid isolation and distractions, with 10 open channels. We have one channel for light-hearted posts called Jungle and use custom emojis to add personality to our reactions. And our business-focused Slack channels are open to everyone. This allows non-engineers to join engineering channels, and vice versa, strengthening transparency and building stronger products. This cross-channel access also builds trust, as everyone contributes to generating revenue.
  6. One team: Our Salesforce representative is also on Slack, providing quick assistance with purchases, troubleshooting, and answering questions much faster than email could allow.

How does your team creatively use Slack?

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian, with over fifteen years in communications, currently serves as the vice president of communications at TigerEye. She has a rich background in strategy and press relations, previously contributing significantly to Meta's VR platform communications and managing crisis and artificial intelligence communications at Salesforce.