This Week in GTM - 4/19/24

Stay informed as you head into the weekend with our Friday recap, featuring the TigerEye team’s top articles or thought leadership pieces on sales, marketing, finance and AI, along with their industry impact.

Kristina Milian
April 19, 2024
Apr 26, 2024
This Week in GTM - 4/19/24

Closing the Content Gap: What We Learned From Talking to 400+ GTM Pros

At TigerEye, we champion top-tier content marketing and are lucky to have the support from our founders and broader go-to-market (GTM) teammates. Content marketers are strategic partners, storytellers and interpreters who spotlight their customers and broader audiences, not mere order takers producing formulaic, keyword-stuffed posts.

That's why we valued Beam's investment in exploring content challenges and their organizational roles. To deepen understanding, Beam surveyed over 400 GTM professionals about their perspectives on content marketing and its integration within the GTM team. The report is available for download here, with digestible highlights provided here.

Is the SDR role dead? Y N M
Mark Kosoglow
wrote a solid LinkedIn post about the role of SDRs after speaking with twenty top GTM leaders, including CROs, VPs of Sales, and CMOs. And they all largely agreed that the SDR role is outdated, citing its misuse, poor economic returns, roots in a growth-at-all-costs era, high turnover rates, and diminishing results. Jason Lemkin joined the conversation with a spicy question to consider. And Alina Vandenberghe provided expertise from a founder’s perspective. Takeaway: Like many other roles, the function of SDRs needs to evolve to stay relevant and effective. 

Scoping the Enterprise LLM Market
Naveen Rao, with a decade's experience in AI tech and company founding (e.g., Nervana Systems acquired by Intel, MosaicML by Databricks), is now VP of generative AI at Databricks. He offered insights on AI adoption and its impact on chip design and software cycles in the inaugural AI + a16z podcast episode. 

We appreciated Naveen’s reflection on AI's journey from fringe to mainstream. As we’re currently benchmarking the effectiveness of our forthcoming LLM tools using our own data, enterprise companies should continue to proceed cautiously with LLMs and ChatGPT wrappers, understanding the need to prioritize considerations for data privacy, customer experience and ethics before moving forward. We wrote a blog about how companies can start holding these conversations with their tech partners here.

Optimize for speed on the inbound
Matt Green,
CRO of Sales Assembly, reminded us about fielding the inbound inquiry: Fast responses set you apart. Being the first to reply demonstrates your work ethic and how much you value the relationship, giving prospects a preview of what it's like to work with you. Quick action also sets a high standard for competitors, making it harder for them to match your responsiveness.

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian, with over fifteen years in communications, currently serves as the vice president of communications at TigerEye. She has a rich background in strategy and press relations, previously contributing significantly to Meta's VR platform communications and managing crisis and artificial intelligence communications at Salesforce.