This Week in GTM [Friday, June 21, 2024]

Stay informed as you head into the weekend with our Friday recap, featuring the TigerEye team’s top articles or thought leadership pieces on sales, marketing, finance, and AI, along with their industry impact.

Kristina Milian
June 21, 2024
Jun 21, 2024
This Week in GTM [Friday, June 21, 2024]

In spite of hype, many companies are moving cautiously when it comes to generative AI
Ron Miller at TechCrunch highlighted how companies are highly interested in generative AI, but moving from proof of concept to a working product is challenging due to technical complexities and skill shortages. A Gartner study found that the top barriers to AI implementation are estimating and demonstrating value (49%) and a lack of talent (42%). These issues could become significant obstacles for companies looking to leverage AI solutions.

Big tech companies trip in race to take AI mainstream
No customer wants anything half-baked, especially AI. As Axios summarized, “The more half-baked AI features and products tech giants unleash upon the public, the less the public is going to trust and embrace the new technology. [...] Hundreds of billions of dollars are pouring into the AI market, and those investments are driving a competitive frenzy that's causing companies to floor the pedal on product rollouts.”

Why the WWDC keynote could have been an email
It’s time to spice up your Friday. Here’s a hot take from Phil Calçado worth a read. He argues that the WWDC keynote was underwhelming, likely because Apple rushed to incorporate OpenAI's technology after realizing their own GenAI models lagged behind competitors. It seems Apple plans to eventually replace external models with their own once they improve, similar to their past transitions from PowerPC to Intel to Apple Silicon.

And finally, here's a good reminder on LinkedIn etiquette by Elena Verna.

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian, with over fifteen years in communications, currently serves as the vice president of communications at TigerEye. She has a rich background in strategy and press relations, previously contributing significantly to Meta's VR platform communications and managing crisis and artificial intelligence communications at Salesforce.