This Week in GTM - 5/3/24

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Kristina Milian
May 3, 2024
May 8, 2024
This Week in GTM - 5/3/24

Hire moms

Ellie Stuvland shared how motherhood has boosted her confidence. She makes decisions quickly and effectively, stays committed, and communicates directly. These traits have enhanced her leadership and teamwork skills. Her advice on hiring moms also applies to pregnant women, emphasizing that no one is more efficient than a woman facing a firm deadline. As the Mom Project states, "Smart companies know the truth: Moms take care of business and beyond. No two careers look the same. Parenting skills sharpen business skills. We know that when mom thrives, families thrive, business thrives, society thrives ... and things change for the better."

TigerEye recently heard from Allison Whalen, CEO of Parentaly, on this very topic. Take a moment to listen.

Selling is more complex than ever - 24m sales calls prove it

A recent Gong study of over 100 CROs and VPs of Sales revealed that 81% find their team's deals significantly more complex than in 2022, with longer closure times, smaller deal sizes, and fewer new business wins. Despite a 519% increase in economic mentions per call by 2023 and complexities in selling, the stabilization of the fed rate by year-end saw a decrease in economic discussions. Revenue organizations can still excel by simplifying technology, standardizing sales processes, and enhancing skills to achieve their goals.

FTC’s Noncompete Ban: The 25,000 Voices Behind It 

The Federal Trade Commission announced a final rule banning noncompetes nationwide, influenced by over 26,000 public comments—more than 25,000 of which supported the ban. This new rule aims to enhance competition, protect workers' freedom to switch jobs, boost innovation, and foster new business development, reflecting adjustments made by the FTC in response to meticulous review of each comment.

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Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

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