This Week in GTM [Friday, June 28, 2024]

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Kristina Milian
June 28, 2024
Jun 28, 2024
This Week in GTM [Friday, June 28, 2024]

Google inks partnerships to ground its AI models in facts
Google announced it is introducing a new feature that integrates third-party data to improve AI outcomes. Early collaborators in this initiative are Moody’s, Thomson Reuters, and ZoomInfo. Axios reported, “The moves come as major genAI providers seek to prove that their systems are safe and reliable enough for business use.”

Adjusting Comp Plans to Your Parental Leave Policy
According to a Moms First study, nearly two-thirds (60%) of moms reported negative experiences with parental leave policies. Additionally, 42% of expecting moms considered quitting their jobs due to burnout, and 39% of moms with children under 5 worried about falling behind in their careers.

QuotaPath highlighted that this study surveyed women across all professions, but how do these percentages change for moms in sales, a field known for burnout and less inclusive environments for women? Have workplace cultures and parental leave policies evolved to support new moms returning to sales roles? Often, companies don’t adjust compensation plans and targets for reps on parental leave. While most comply with state and federal Family and Medical Leave Acts, they often overlook the full on-target earnings (OTEs) that reps earn beyond their base pay.

To help ignite both awareness and change, QuotaPath talked to several revenue leaders to learn best practices and policies to consider. Check it out.

How to work with Bloomberg News Work Shift
One of our favorite newsletters is Work Shift, which prepares readers — whether C-level executives or college grads — for the future of work. Matthew Boyle, senior reporter, shares his best practices for working with his team. It’s a valuable read for both comms professionals and executives aiming to feature their companies in the newsletter. Just remember to leave your jargon and self-serving surveys at the door. 

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Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian

Kristina Milian, with over fifteen years in communications, currently serves as the vice president of communications at TigerEye. She has a rich background in strategy and press relations, previously contributing significantly to Meta's VR platform communications and managing crisis and artificial intelligence communications at Salesforce.